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What’s Your Name?

selfEsteem3Lately I find that so many of my friends have started calling me, “Mama”… At first, I wasn’t fond of the name.  I thought it made me sound too matronly, but with time, it’s grown on me.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I thought about all the different names Moms are called … Mommy, Mom, Madre. And Grandmas (in our family) have all kinds of names like Grammita, DD, GG, and my favorite, Grandma.  

It is interesting to observe how some react to the names they are called … and it’s not just these names.

What about the names you were called when younger and in school?  I had a few … Peanut, Sunshine (my college nickname), Tiny and Frenchie (don’t ask).  

Today most call me “Glo”, but I have other names too … Mom, Honey, Grandma, Titi, Madrina … and it continues.

How does it feel to you when someone calls you by a nickname?   

Google web defines “nickname” as: “familiar or humorous name given to a person or thing instead of, or as well as, the real name”.  

Thru my sessions, Clients have shared a great deal about some of the names they were called, i.e. “stupid, fat, skinny, flatfoot, dumbie, jerk ~ Others had names, i.e. “showoff, conceited, teaser, lazy, loser”… and the list is endless.

For some, unfortunately, some of these “nicknames” became labels they attached to themselves ~ took those labels with them right into adulthood and, in fact, what occurred was that it affected their self esteem.  All the shame that is attached to some of those negative names.

If I had to pick the most popular topic my Clients share with me, it would be “self esteem”… and for those who found it difficult to release some of those negative nicknames, their lives became quite challenging.  Whether they turned to promiscuity, addiction, gambling, shopping, etc.,  it is often to fill that void that they turn to this negative behavior.

What nicknames do we use today?  We are moving in such a positive direction, it’s contagious and I see it and hear it everywhere.  

I nicknamed my first grandson, “Einstein”… others I’ve heard are, “SuperStar, Shining Star, Angel, Love of my Life”.

What nicknames did you have, do you have?  Are you living up to them where they still keep you down?  Are you living with the positive mindset from those nicknames?  Did you ever have a nickname?  Did you change your name?  

Alot of times the answers to these questions reflect on how you feel about you ~ again, that self-esteem.  And I always say, the most important relationship you can have in life is the one with YOU.  What’s your name?  If you could change your name, what would it be?