Glo's lake in autumn beauty


You Are A Priority, NOT An Option!

Has your home now become a winter wonderland?  Lights, trees, ornaments, snowmen and other Christmas figures are in every possible corner of your home.  In our downstairs bathroom, we have Santa and his Elves on a bath mat looking right up at ya when you are in relaxed mode – lol.

This time of year, for many, brings back childhood memories; and yet, for others, they cannot wait until the New Year begins and this is all behind them.  It is simply amazing to me seeing how quickly the outside of homes are light up, and the Snowmen, Santa and Reindeer blowups are on the lawn.  Some even spend on elaborate Nativity scenes to impress passersby.  

Homes are being transformed into such a happy, bright environment…and yet, when the transformation needs to change within, the time just passes by.  The aroma from your natural Christmas tree undeniably lends a more comforting spirit.  But are you comfortable inside….inside of you.

 Are you still chasing one more goal before the end of the year?  Is it still daunting to see others in happy relationships, shopping together, laughing?  Is your last relationship still a negative discussion or have you moved on?  Are you ready to start transforming what needs to change in you?  It is so easy to deny what is really going on inside when you are so busy on the outside buying gifts, wrapping gifts, coordinating Christmas activities with friends and loved ones.  You even accommodate your schedule to find “time” for additional cooking and baking fun.

I marvel at those who say they have no “time” to start making changes within.  Yet, how quickly they “changed” the outside AND inside of their homes at this time of year.  How did they manage to find the time for that?  

Can you imagine what your life would be like IF:  you decided to work with a Life Coach to help overcome your stumbling blocks; help you become empowered and move on with your life; a Life Coach that makes you feel “heard” and will guide you and hold you accountable.  There is NO BODY and NOTHING more important than YOU.  Begin to change that inner dim light into a bright shining star.  Place your name at the top of the gift list.  Let’s have your stumbling blocks become your building blocks.

And always remember, “YOU ARE A PRIORITY, NOT AN OPTION.”