Glo's lake in autumn beauty



Don’t Talk To Strangers

As a little girl, I remember my Mom drilling this message into my sister and I.  She owned a bar/restaurant in The Bronx.  On a daily basis, there were new faces coming into her establishment … some were friendly, some were not.  The message of “stranger danger” was received at an early age, but I don’t think they called it that back in those days.

Recently I accompanied my husband on a business trip to Wildwood, NJ.  While he was exhibiting at his trade show, I was on the beach.  I was not alone ~ I had my book, my laptop, my iPad and my iPhone.  😉   Not far from me was another woman, alone with her tech toys as well.  I never saw this woman before and was compelled to strike up a conversation.  “Look at those ocean waves this morning.”  She immediately smiled and we started a discussion about how hot the day was, how nice it was to be in Wildwood with the summer crowds behind us, how beautiful the sky was, etc., etc.  That was the introduction to becoming familiar with each other.

She shared about where her life was right now ~ she was wealthy but alone.  No one to share her riches … an ugly divorce now behind her, with children who abandoned her after a long history of alcoholism, she was very lonely.  She got sober 6 months ago and is still repairing the damage done.  When I shared I was in recovery myself, she light up like a Christmas tree.

What were the chances of 2 women, never having met before, have so much in common.  I explained how making amends in sobriety is a process.  The steps in Alcoholics Anonymous are in their order for a reason.  Her biggest stumbling block right now is patience ~ you don’t get sober and then all is forgiven from the past.  You first need to learn about yourself, why you drank the way you did, and how you got to where you are today and hope for the future.  I made sure to let her know how much talking with her helped me ~ it allowed me to reflect on how far I have come in  my own journey.

I spoke to a stranger today ~ and what a gift!  She reminded me of early recovery and the trials/tribulations I faced, overcame and living a life today that is beyond my wildest dreams.  I shared with her how my faith in a Higher Power has become the root of all.  We laughed, we hugged and she thanked me for helping her have a brighter outlook on her day.  TODAY is a gift, this is why we call it the PRESENT.  

Enjoy life ~ talk to a stranger and put a smile on their face.  You have no idea what that individual is currently experiencing.  A brand new face, a new smile, a new outlook is all someone needs.  And when a stranger approaches you, don’t be so quick to push them away ~ be the light!  We need an abundance of peace, love and understanding in this world.  

And after our talk, ah-h … I was filled with gratitude and returned to watching the beautiful ocean waves coming up on the beach and thinking to myself, “You’ve come a long way, baby.”  Peace, Light!  Mucho hugs!



Addicted To What?

When most people hear the word “addiction,” they automatically think alcohol or substance abuse.  According to, here’s their definition of the word:


noun:  the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.
The reality is we have many types of addiction. Today I want to focus on what I’m calling “smartphone-ism”… a current and increasing addiction.  I must confess … I am addicted.
 I am self-employed and create my own schedule and my own deadlines … so why am I so attached to the electronic leash?  My husband kidded with friends over the weekend and said, “She sits with her phone on her lap as if she were on call expecting a Navy Seal helicopter to make an emergency landing, pick her up and fly her to a rescue mission in the Congo.” ~ lol
Well … it’s not really funny … it’s actually rude. And for that split second I realized he was right.  I help my Clients overcome their addictions and discovered I have one of my own.  Now I don’t like pointing fingers, but how many of you are relating to my story?  Are you with me?
Why is it that if we don’t respond to someone’s email or text within 5 minutes, they become offended or concerned ~ we are so expected to be available.  Our society craves instant gratification and creates more stress for us.  So how do we address this smartphone-ism?
Here’s my public pledge:
1)  I will not text or talk as a passenger in the car
2)  I will not respond to my emails as a passenger in the car
3) AND … I will not even glance at my phone when out for dinner.
Are you sharing this smartphone-ism with me?  Do you constantly check your phone to see if somebody needs you?  Are you at home but you’re not home?  I know that this removed feeling of always being available can significantly lower stress levels.  This time off can rejuvenate us with another level of energy for the most important people in our lives.
So again … the Navy Seals are not coming for us. 

Be “present” when in the company of others, especially our loved ones.  

These precious moments are when we are creating memories together ~ detach from the electronic leash; life is way too short.
Will you join me in my public pledge, how do you think you will feel?  I welcome your feedback ~