Glo's lake in autumn beauty




And the summer of 2016 came and went and here we are in FALL.  This is my favorite season of the year ~ particularly because it represents a “change” in the environment we see.  The leaves start to fall, they start to change color and we start to add more pieces of clothing to our wardrobe when going outside.  Most people do not like “change” …. of any kind.  So another big change is going on in my life, as I blog, so let me continue to share.

My husband (Jon) is the cook in our home ~ 3 solid meals a day for 32 years of marriage.  He does everything at home (except laundry), always helping others and always on the go.  So now he gets surgery this week and he is immobile for 4-6 weeks.  So guess who’s cooking?  Am I excited about this change?  The answer to both questions is “NO” ~ but I had to approach this with a very positive outlook.  Otherwise, I would be miserable.  So I did the food shopping the best I could, have begged all friends for “VERY EASY, SIMPLE” recipes and I’ve started this new journey.  I went into the supermarket this morning and I could not believe how nervous I was….what was that all about?  And I wasn’t comparing items and prices like he does, and I wasn’t standing in front of different sections of the supermarket for as long as he does.  I had to get out of my head.  But here’s the good news.

I DID IT!  Now those of you who do not personally know me, have no idea what a big deal this is for me.  But I really was fearful if I would be doing this right, if the meals will be cooked correctly, questioning if I could really do this ~ and basically, I was thrown into this.  And voila…SUCCESS!

I feel so good about myself ~ I’m not as “incapable around home” as I have made myself out to be…for years and years.  

“Soooooo….that being said – what’s holding you back from changes needing to be made in YOU?  Do you have that negative chatter going on inside your head?  I call those thoughts and that chatter the “itty bitty shitty committee”.  STOP those thoughts right now!  If you need to change, then do something about it right now.  Procrastinating about it will only have it linger on and on and on.  Feel better about YOU and discover what other side of you has yet not been discovered….I’m learning that there is a lot about me that I still have not found.  Let’s go on the journey together!