Glo's lake in autumn beauty



Follow Your Dreams

Are you watching down and shining your light, Mom?  Or are you at another “heaven” party?

So today the essential oils arrived.  You would be so proud of me and share in my excitement.  After all these years it is finally starting to happen.The addition of my personal line of essential oils will make a great addition to my Practice.  I already have Clients and friends placing their order and I have not officially introduced on the website yet.

Abundance and Clarity ~ who doesn’t want this in their life?  That is why I decided to give these titles to my first two scents.  Everyone craves Lavender for its relaxing brain waves and reducing stress.  My dream is coming true, Mom ~ THANK YOU for your influence in this area of my life.  I see and meet so many Clients who have talked and talked, over and over again about their dreams … but did absolutely nothing about taking action to fulfill them.

I was filled with fear, at first, wondering am I doing the right thing? Am I just adding things to the website to make it look fuller and appealing?  No … they all blend quite well.  

My mission in life is to help others feel GREAT about themselves ~ relieve stress, gain abundance, have clarity in all areas of their lives. LIFE will always have its roller coaster circumstances. We cannot give in and give up on ourselves when everything seems downhill. We need to learn from some of the negative “circumstances” and grow from that.  Shit happens ~ how does one deal with it?

Perhaps with an essential oil fragrance?  Perhaps with spiritual jewelry to “remind” them of gratitude and all the positive “circumstances” in life?  Either way…we need to participate in our life’s journey in a much more positive fashion.  Whatever it takes, and whatever it took, I am living my dream.

I had a vision board workshop this past weekend.  15 women turned on their creative juices to display their dreams.  After completion, they each shared their vision/dream board, with some tears, some laughter and with lots of hope.  Keeping the dreamboard visible and looking at it every day certainly gives one the impotus to fulfill their dream ~ if you believe it, you will receive it.

This dream was on hold for too long ~ I am so grateful I gained the clarity to see it through.  AND … this is just the beginning.  Stay tuned!



It’s All Starting To Make Scents

Someone recently asked why the sudden craze with essential oils ~ truth be told, I have been a fragrance fanatic all my life … starting from when I was a little girl. I think I inherited it from my Mom. She would mix perfumes and she always came up smelling like a rose. We often had discussions of my dream to some day have my own perfume boutique.  I found a fragrance store in NY that was a replica of what I had envisioned.  On my return from a vacation, she and I were going to visit the store.  Unfortunately, while on that vacation, Mom passed and I never revisited the idea again.

So the years have gone by and I have ventured into several different companies ~ some were good, some were not so good, and others were great. In a recent conversation with Jon, he questioned why I had never become involved with fragrances. He has witnessed my passion and it just never came to fruition … until now.

As I got older, perfume was becoming very sensitive to my sinuses and they would flare up ~ although I still wear perfume, on a very limited basis, I switched to essential oils. Additionally, I felt the oils were a good addition to my Coaching Practice, since aromatherapy offers clarity, stress relief, abundance, helps my sinuses and ties in nicely with my Practice.

Because essential oils have many holistic uses, and can be worn for dermal (on the skin) application, I am adding my own personal line. I have just completed the process and placed my order for 100% natural, high grade essential oils.  I will be starting off with a small selection: Abundance“, “Clarity” and “Lavender.  Abundance and Clarity are blends and all the details will be shortly available on my website. 🙂  

The essential oils line will be called “Gliding With Glo“.

My Mom would be so proud!  Since making this decision I have felt a feeling of “Abundance” and “Clarity” within myself … that I pursued a long lost dream and took action.

Reflecting on this decision makes it very clear to me that my Mom continues to influence me.  She, along with my Higher Power are my “silent” partners and will continue to guide my journey.  I often say, “My life is none of my business; He has a Plan for me.”  Well, today I can certainly say that it all is, in fact, starting to make scents.  

Do you have a forgotten dream?  Has it been placed on a back shelf?  Life is way too short to not live our dreams, our passions.  Follow your dream!