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What Am I Doing?

How many times have I worked my way back here to this blog only to be distracted and not follow through with my Post.  Why?  

At first I thought, “am I putting these blogs off for a reason?”  What could that reason be?  I do enjoy blogging but I have stayed away from it way too long.  So what’s the reason?  Hmmm….

It’s certainly not laziness, it’s not that I was intentionally avoiding it ~ but I did realize what the issue was.  Are you ready for this?

That itty bitty shitty committee was doing a number on me.  It was telling me all kinds of nonsense….i.e. it kept telling me no one would be interested in reading my posts and I ran with it.  Again, I stayed away from blogging and not sharing my message, my voice.  You know what that’s called?  SELF-DOUBT!  Where does it come from?  For me, I can still hear my mother saying I would never amount to anything (that’s another blog).

So as life happens, I had a coffee date yesterday with a fellow networker.  During our discussion, she says, “you need to write a book” ~ I told her that suggestion had been made many times over the years and, again, I have put that one on the shelf.  Is it self-doubt or am I procrastinating?  No…its not procrastination because that’s when you know you need to do something and keep putting it off.  I never thought I “needed” to write a book.

But when enough people say you look like a duck and talk like a duck….I must be a duck and many friends and Clients have suggested “write a book”, “share your experiences in a book”.  So if I appear as an author from many who don’t even know each other and they have suggested writing a book,  I need to revisit.  Truth be told, SELF-DOUBT sucks!  Yes, I’m guilty of that as well.  Fortunately, though, I use the tools I recommend to my Clients; otherwise, I’m just talking the talk and not walking it.

You might ask, “Soooo CoachGlo, what are you going to do about this?”  I’m going to do what I would tell a Client:”Apply Motivate essential oil, a little Frankincense on the back of your neck, and cut your crap, start writing.” Stay tuned!