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So I was inundated for the last few months preparing for my annual event.  This year it was held on August 26th at Bailey Farms in Ossining, NY.  Leading up to the actual day was actually exciting versus the feelings of anxiety.  

As most of you know, I have this thing with “words” because those words can transfer feelings of positivity or negativity.  So notice I used the word “exciting” to describe how I was feeling through the duration of preparation.  Doesn’t “exciting” sound more positive/uplifting to you?  My experience with anxiety has never been positive or healing for me.  You see, if I’m anxious, it’s not just a little bit …. I am over the top anxious and the feelings of anxiety and fear paralyze me.  That knot in my stomach is almost of addictive nature because that’s where I would take it.  Not anymore….

Today I carefully choose my words….”exciting” during this process was uplifting.  No knots in the stomach,  filled with joy because I was eager to share this day with 25 women.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a lot of work and sometimes I felt frustrated things weren’t going my way, but I rose above it.

Now the theme for this year’s event was, “Darling, YOU Are Fabulous….Transforming Your Inner Critic into Self-Confidence”.  My inner critic was “TRYING” to kick my ass through those 4 months.  After all these years she (inner critic, the little child inside of me) was haunting me with negative thoughts about the event.  She kept telling me I wasn’t going to get the 25 women, there would not be enough interest, it wasn’t going to be successful, etc., etc.  So I told her to “shut the f*** up and let me do my thing).  And I did, and it was AWESOME.  In fact, I can say this was my best event and my best talk.  And we had fun, lots of fun….we had Dr. Wanda Jeanty share on Gut Health, Sara Sampaio gave a talk on Skincare, Jennifer Marvin took us on a Yoga/Meditation journey that was awesome and Aimee Jett conducted a Creative Arts Workshop.  My talk was about the inner critic, shame, self-confidence…and that’s an entirely separate blog to share.

Between the words you choose and your inner critic, life can be quite challenging.  It can take you into depression and have you spiral down ~ OR ~ YOU can choose positivity and be the adult to your inner child and tell her, “I got this”….(although my choice of words with my inner child were a lot tougher)…lol!  Why do most go down negativity road with the negative words and beating the crap out of ourselves….we’re CONDITIONED, and carry FALSE BELIEFS.   

YOU get to choose before you open your mouth and applying the wrong vocabulary to your circumstances; you get to choose your “actions” before taking that first step.  So which is it for you?

YAY words or NAY words????  Be wise and accept that if you are conditioned to speak/think negatively, it’s time you spoke with a positive professional to help you get on the other side.  It’s your life, it’s always your choice….no shame in being negative, no judgment – sometimes that’s what we were brought up with and we are conditioned.  However, now that you are aware, YOU can no longer use your childhood as an excuse to continue acting out.  Life is short….I want you to be happy and once you get a taste of that, you will be full of joy and bring that joy to others and a lot more fun to be around.   Soooo?????



It’s All About YOU!

It is hard to believe 6 months have passed since I was last here.  24 little hours in each day sure do fill up very quickly.  The winter months were a bit brutal and became challenging to get around, but I opened my new office in Bedford Hills, NY.  The area is lovely and the referrals were welcomed as a delightful surprise.  I continue to meet Clients from my home and meet with Dutchess County clients at Panera.

One of my Clients recently asked, “Why do you meet with your Clients in 3 separate locations?”  I responded, “Convenience”.  She was surprised I shared  “convenience” for them versus “convenience” for me.  I have been in several businesses and have learned one thing, for sure.  When you make it all about your Client/Customer and provide a feeling of comfort for them, they are more apt to work with you.  Yes, it would be more convenient if they all came to me…and that’s how it usually is for those who offer their services at one location.

Taking my business to another level was not just for my satisfaction, but for the Client as well.  I am sure you have heard the expression, “What’s in it for me?”  Frankly, the answer to that is “more Clients”.  Yet, when my Clients achieve their goals, some wish to check in monthly as opposed to the regularly scheduled three sessions.  This check in usually takes place on the phone, but most, prefer to visit in person….thus making it a full schedule.  

What’s in it for me?  I enjoy the relationships being built within my Practice.  Some have referred others, either for individual or group life coaching.  My passion for taking someone from  “caterpillar” to “butterfly” phase is extremely exciting for me.  Day to day relationships, the stepfamily dynamics, transitions in career and divorce, addictions/recovery….they all make up who we are.  But when one of these issues dominates our day-t0-day in a negative way, it is rewarding to see the positive side reveal itself….but through their efforts.  I also like the fact that I get to travel among 3 different locations and my days go fast and are NEVER stagnant or boring.

So even when something becomes a bit inconvenient for you – and you make it convenient for others, the rewards are priceless.  Yes, take care of you, but be there for others.  I believe, and always will, “It is better to give than to receive” ~ what goes around, comes around.

If you are looking to feel lighter, learn more about your strengths and weaknesses, move fearlessly onto next stage in life and identify your dream and chart a course for action, schedule your Discovery Session today.

God bless and please take care ~ mucho hugs!






Yes, It’s a New Year, a New YOU!

Happy 2016 – trust you had a great Holiday Season and that all is well.  Our annual visit with family to California was awesome, creating new memories, long trip, short stay – but certainly all worthwhile.

So within the last few weeks, I have met with individuals creating their New Year – this was done via a Ladies Vision Board Workshop I hosted earlier this month – it was such a success, I am doing it again in February.  In our discussions, it was revealed to me how unhappy most women are.  They put their goals and dreams on hold to take care of others; and frankly, in my generation, that was the message early on.  However, as time has passed you start to see some rewards, and yet a lot of setbacks with this type of thinking.

We have fallen somehow into codependency mode whether it be with family, a relationship, co-workers, friends.  Now it’s not to say we shouldn’t be there for others, but damn….some take it to an entirely new level.  Let’s take, for instance, some women/men with their young adult children, they become so enmeshed in their lives and lose sight of themselves.  Our greatest gift to children is roots and wings – let them fly.

But back to your dreams and goals….because of that enmeshment you have overlooked what makes YOU happy.  You put your goals on hold and they have been there and will remain indefinitely.  Then the kids go to college, start their careers or businesses and now YOU don’t know what to do with yourself.  Hence, the Vision/Dream Board…try it!

At the Workshop the women experienced laughter, tears of joy and hope for their future.  It’s not just about cutting/pasting images on a Board – it was the whole experience shared with other women, saying out loud what YOU want in life – I cannot wait until our next Workshop.  It’s exhilerating to see women come to life.

So on my Vision Board I had an image of a historical home in Bedford Hills.  This home has an attic/loft which was what I had dreamed of having to meet with Clients in that area.  As much as I enjoy meeting at Panera Bread and Starbucks, this particular location kept pulling my attention to open an office here.  I will, though, continue to coach via Skype for national Clients.

After praying on this and sharing it with the Universe and others, it has become a reality.  Now I had been thinking about this since Nov 2015 and here we are in January 2016 and I am moving in February.  The Vision Board works….you look at it every single day in an area of your home or office and it is a constant reminder of what you want in YOUR life.  Hokey you might think?  I think not….from my experience, I have seen many dreams comes to life.

The aromatherapy and spiritual jewelry line ( was a dream I had for many years….Voila, it’s here. Click on Blog: “It’s Starting To Make Scents”….that, too, was on my Vision/Dream Board.

So when you are ready to start putting YOU first and creating or working towards what YOU want in life, changes you may want in life….start with a Vision Board or take pics and upload to your smart phone and look at those images every single day.  With life keeping us as busy as it does, the distractions and challenges, it is very easy to forget or overlook YOU.  

And many times, you just need that push, that individual that will hold you accountable ~ if you are ready to be a new YOU, (sometimes just a lil’ tweak)… I’m here.  Life coaching is a partnership, focusing on your goals and your results.  Let’s do this.  Start LIVING your DREAMS ~ be happy!