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STOP Lying To Yourself!

Sometimes it is really sad for me after a Discovery Session. I am truly amazed at how many of us grow up believing lies. Unfortunately, many times, it is what we were taught to believe about ourselves. I meet with women for the first time to discuss goals, why they feel stuck and why they turned to a Life Coach.
The responses are quite interesting and filled with hope.

Our actions are always a result of what we “think” to ourselves and then what “label” we give that thought…which, in turn, becomes our behavior. Sometimes that behavior is quite crippling to our self-esteem and our interaction with others.

My belief is that you can have your life go from “good to great”…
False belief systems hold you back from achieving the gifts this world has to offer – AND – holding you back from what you were meant to be.

Don’t sell yourself short ~ YOU DESERVE THE BEST!
If you want your stumbling blocks to become your building blocks, let’s chat. Mucho hugs!

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Reclaim Your Inner Champion

Above is the video link of our closing ceremony at Sunday’s Women’s Workshop.  It still brings tears to my eyes…every time I watch it.  The ladies were absolutely amazing, participating, shared a tear or two and lots of laughs.

One of the segments of the Workshop was the coaching game ~ I’m not one to boast and when wrong, promptly admit it.  Not that I did anything wrong, but this was a new version I facilitated and I stumbled upon the directions and we had a little confusion…but I learned from it and I know it will be better next time.

Our Yoga therapist, Sarah, was fabulous ~ those moments we seldom experience of pure silence and meditation, were precious.  I, for one, do meditate on a regular basis but am now more inclined to experiment with Yoga.  The definition of connecting my mind with my soul was calm, peaceful, welcome.  My wheels are constantly in motion which is why I need that special time to, slow down, calm the brain cells and connect with my spirit, my soul.  It certainly helps with the balance I constantly strive for in my life.

I’m a wife, a mom, a grandma, a networker, a community volunteer, a friend….BALANCE is certainly needed.  Without balance, I tend to act on overdrive and overlook the inner champion begging for awareness – awareness that she is in there, very much alive and does not want to be overlooked.  She is the spirit and champion that catapults me into my journey and to believe in myself.

My inner champion is overlooked when I reflect on my false beliefs ~ I don’t give false beliefs that power any longer.  I’m on a journey with my champion and not allowing any negativity from my past to dominate the positive space I am in today….focusing on my future.

I sure look forward to you joining us for the next Workshop which promises to be the best yet.  Stay tuned….chin up, shoulders back and breathe.  God bless, please take care.  Mucho hugs!


Yes, It’s a New Year, a New YOU!

Happy 2016 – trust you had a great Holiday Season and that all is well.  Our annual visit with family to California was awesome, creating new memories, long trip, short stay – but certainly all worthwhile.

So within the last few weeks, I have met with individuals creating their New Year – this was done via a Ladies Vision Board Workshop I hosted earlier this month – it was such a success, I am doing it again in February.  In our discussions, it was revealed to me how unhappy most women are.  They put their goals and dreams on hold to take care of others; and frankly, in my generation, that was the message early on.  However, as time has passed you start to see some rewards, and yet a lot of setbacks with this type of thinking.

We have fallen somehow into codependency mode whether it be with family, a relationship, co-workers, friends.  Now it’s not to say we shouldn’t be there for others, but damn….some take it to an entirely new level.  Let’s take, for instance, some women/men with their young adult children, they become so enmeshed in their lives and lose sight of themselves.  Our greatest gift to children is roots and wings – let them fly.

But back to your dreams and goals….because of that enmeshment you have overlooked what makes YOU happy.  You put your goals on hold and they have been there and will remain indefinitely.  Then the kids go to college, start their careers or businesses and now YOU don’t know what to do with yourself.  Hence, the Vision/Dream Board…try it!

At the Workshop the women experienced laughter, tears of joy and hope for their future.  It’s not just about cutting/pasting images on a Board – it was the whole experience shared with other women, saying out loud what YOU want in life – I cannot wait until our next Workshop.  It’s exhilerating to see women come to life.

So on my Vision Board I had an image of a historical home in Bedford Hills.  This home has an attic/loft which was what I had dreamed of having to meet with Clients in that area.  As much as I enjoy meeting at Panera Bread and Starbucks, this particular location kept pulling my attention to open an office here.  I will, though, continue to coach via Skype for national Clients.

After praying on this and sharing it with the Universe and others, it has become a reality.  Now I had been thinking about this since Nov 2015 and here we are in January 2016 and I am moving in February.  The Vision Board works….you look at it every single day in an area of your home or office and it is a constant reminder of what you want in YOUR life.  Hokey you might think?  I think not….from my experience, I have seen many dreams comes to life.

The aromatherapy and spiritual jewelry line ( was a dream I had for many years….Voila, it’s here. Click on Blog: “It’s Starting To Make Scents”….that, too, was on my Vision/Dream Board.

So when you are ready to start putting YOU first and creating or working towards what YOU want in life, changes you may want in life….start with a Vision Board or take pics and upload to your smart phone and look at those images every single day.  With life keeping us as busy as it does, the distractions and challenges, it is very easy to forget or overlook YOU.  

And many times, you just need that push, that individual that will hold you accountable ~ if you are ready to be a new YOU, (sometimes just a lil’ tweak)… I’m here.  Life coaching is a partnership, focusing on your goals and your results.  Let’s do this.  Start LIVING your DREAMS ~ be happy!


What’s Your Name?

selfEsteem3Lately I find that so many of my friends have started calling me, “Mama”… At first, I wasn’t fond of the name.  I thought it made me sound too matronly, but with time, it’s grown on me.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I thought about all the different names Moms are called … Mommy, Mom, Madre. And Grandmas (in our family) have all kinds of names like Grammita, DD, GG, and my favorite, Grandma.  

It is interesting to observe how some react to the names they are called … and it’s not just these names.

What about the names you were called when younger and in school?  I had a few … Peanut, Sunshine (my college nickname), Tiny and Frenchie (don’t ask).  

Today most call me “Glo”, but I have other names too … Mom, Honey, Grandma, Titi, Madrina … and it continues.

How does it feel to you when someone calls you by a nickname?   

Google web defines “nickname” as: “familiar or humorous name given to a person or thing instead of, or as well as, the real name”.  

Thru my sessions, Clients have shared a great deal about some of the names they were called, i.e. “stupid, fat, skinny, flatfoot, dumbie, jerk ~ Others had names, i.e. “showoff, conceited, teaser, lazy, loser”… and the list is endless.

For some, unfortunately, some of these “nicknames” became labels they attached to themselves ~ took those labels with them right into adulthood and, in fact, what occurred was that it affected their self esteem.  All the shame that is attached to some of those negative names.

If I had to pick the most popular topic my Clients share with me, it would be “self esteem”… and for those who found it difficult to release some of those negative nicknames, their lives became quite challenging.  Whether they turned to promiscuity, addiction, gambling, shopping, etc.,  it is often to fill that void that they turn to this negative behavior.

What nicknames do we use today?  We are moving in such a positive direction, it’s contagious and I see it and hear it everywhere.  

I nicknamed my first grandson, “Einstein”… others I’ve heard are, “SuperStar, Shining Star, Angel, Love of my Life”.

What nicknames did you have, do you have?  Are you living up to them where they still keep you down?  Are you living with the positive mindset from those nicknames?  Did you ever have a nickname?  Did you change your name?  

Alot of times the answers to these questions reflect on how you feel about you ~ again, that self-esteem.  And I always say, the most important relationship you can have in life is the one with YOU.  What’s your name?  If you could change your name, what would it be?