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self worth

What Am I Doing?

How many times have I worked my way back here to this blog only to be distracted and not follow through with my Post.  Why?  

At first I thought, “am I putting these blogs off for a reason?”  What could that reason be?  I do enjoy blogging but I have stayed away from it way too long.  So what’s the reason?  Hmmm….

It’s certainly not laziness, it’s not that I was intentionally avoiding it ~ but I did realize what the issue was.  Are you ready for this?

That itty bitty shitty committee was doing a number on me.  It was telling me all kinds of nonsense….i.e. it kept telling me no one would be interested in reading my posts and I ran with it.  Again, I stayed away from blogging and not sharing my message, my voice.  You know what that’s called?  SELF-DOUBT!  Where does it come from?  For me, I can still hear my mother saying I would never amount to anything (that’s another blog).

So as life happens, I had a coffee date yesterday with a fellow networker.  During our discussion, she says, “you need to write a book” ~ I told her that suggestion had been made many times over the years and, again, I have put that one on the shelf.  Is it self-doubt or am I procrastinating?  No…its not procrastination because that’s when you know you need to do something and keep putting it off.  I never thought I “needed” to write a book.

But when enough people say you look like a duck and talk like a duck….I must be a duck and many friends and Clients have suggested “write a book”, “share your experiences in a book”.  So if I appear as an author from many who don’t even know each other and they have suggested writing a book,  I need to revisit.  Truth be told, SELF-DOUBT sucks!  Yes, I’m guilty of that as well.  Fortunately, though, I use the tools I recommend to my Clients; otherwise, I’m just talking the talk and not walking it.

You might ask, “Soooo CoachGlo, what are you going to do about this?”  I’m going to do what I would tell a Client:”Apply Motivate essential oil, a little Frankincense on the back of your neck, and cut your crap, start writing.” Stay tuned!


Reclaim Your Inner Champion

Above is the video link of our closing ceremony at Sunday’s Women’s Workshop.  It still brings tears to my eyes…every time I watch it.  The ladies were absolutely amazing, participating, shared a tear or two and lots of laughs.

One of the segments of the Workshop was the coaching game ~ I’m not one to boast and when wrong, promptly admit it.  Not that I did anything wrong, but this was a new version I facilitated and I stumbled upon the directions and we had a little confusion…but I learned from it and I know it will be better next time.

Our Yoga therapist, Sarah, was fabulous ~ those moments we seldom experience of pure silence and meditation, were precious.  I, for one, do meditate on a regular basis but am now more inclined to experiment with Yoga.  The definition of connecting my mind with my soul was calm, peaceful, welcome.  My wheels are constantly in motion which is why I need that special time to, slow down, calm the brain cells and connect with my spirit, my soul.  It certainly helps with the balance I constantly strive for in my life.

I’m a wife, a mom, a grandma, a networker, a community volunteer, a friend….BALANCE is certainly needed.  Without balance, I tend to act on overdrive and overlook the inner champion begging for awareness – awareness that she is in there, very much alive and does not want to be overlooked.  She is the spirit and champion that catapults me into my journey and to believe in myself.

My inner champion is overlooked when I reflect on my false beliefs ~ I don’t give false beliefs that power any longer.  I’m on a journey with my champion and not allowing any negativity from my past to dominate the positive space I am in today….focusing on my future.

I sure look forward to you joining us for the next Workshop which promises to be the best yet.  Stay tuned….chin up, shoulders back and breathe.  God bless, please take care.  Mucho hugs!