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Feeling Shameful? YOU Are Not Alone!

From my research, 3 facts about shame: 1) everyone has it, 2) no one wants to talk about it, 3) the more you talk about it, the less power it has over you.  It is interesting to see how long it takes for one to open up about this particular topic.

I, at one time, was very ashamed of letting anyone know I am a recovering alcoholic.  What was I afraid of?  I didn’t choose this as my lot in life.  I grew up in a bar in the South Bronx, NY.  My mother owned that bar for over 30 years and I remember how alcoholics were talked about.  The other patrons, who thought they were “functional” drinkers, would look down upon the suffering alcoholic.  But I was ashamed….and I denied it for a very long time, because it meant I would have to do something about it….stop drinking.

From my experience I can tell you that this shame I carried around for so long turned out to be a gift.  A gift because today I can help others get sober.  It certainly is freedom to acknowledge I had this disease and I was not alone.  But shame is a killer….and I hid behind it for many years.  It made me drink more, become depressed and always lived in the dark in my head.  Life is funny – today I say I am proud to be in recovery.  I have a new set of eyes, I am trusted, I have a clear head, I love myself (you know this one was tough), and I am passionate about helping another see the light.

You don’t need to carry this baggage anymore…whether it’s alcoholism, substance abuse, sexual abuse, another form of addiction…..there is HOPE (hold on, pain ends).  Lighten your load and start healing the shame that binds you. Freedom and happiness await you.


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