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Understand What’s Going On Before Shooting Your Mouth Off

So here is the “book” definition:  Emotions and feelings actually describe two different processes that philosopher William James highlighted – bodily driven ones (emotions) and thinky-driven ones (feelings). Emotions are your subconscious reactions to physical experience – the information from your environment that comes in through your senses (sight, taste, touch).
Emotions are your brain’s split second responses to a situation, and they kick off changes in your body.

Feelings are your conscious reactions expressed in thoughts. They are your mind’s conscious interpretation of the environmental input affecting your body – in other words, feelings are mental experiences of bodily states.
Memory, beliefs and associations play an essential role in feelings, bringing meaning to whatever you’re experiencing.
Understanding the difference helps us take advantage of how the body and mind work together to shape who we are – which is the sum total of how we behave. 

Here’s how I interpret….when someone says or does something that affects us, say in a negative way, our brain sends that signal to our body and we feel emotions.  However, our “feelings” are a reaction to what we think.

Are you understanding the difference or still confused?  I feel it is important to know the difference because so many misunderstandings and quarrels and outright fighting can occur from someone simply saying, “You hurt my feelings”….but in reality, those feelings came from an emotion that may not be accurate.  

I prefer to keep my life “light” and refrain from drama or misunderstood circumstances by not “reacting” to what you say or do that may not be to my liking.  I would rather step back, count to 5, breathe and then “respond” to you.  Makes sense to me….I hope it does to you too.  It just makes life so much easier.


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